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An ocaml livecd
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Date: 2008-01-08 (20:35)
From: Adrien <camaradetux@g...>
Subject: Re : [Caml-list] An ocaml livecd
First, I encountered a bug with ocamlopt, ocamlopt.opt : they do not
run correctly and issue an "Input/Output error". The executables run
correctly on my hard drive-installed system though. ocaml runs well
though as the toplevel shows.
Also, I have forgotten to include the firefox package/module as I
don't use it myself (I don't like firefox that much...). The default
browser, midori, is nice but beta especially with a tab-related bug
(if you use only windows, not tab, you're safe). links is available if

2008/1/8, Jon Harrop <>:
> Great stuff!
Thanks. :)

> You might like to quantify the most popular libraries among OCaml
> programmers
> to make sure you provide what most people need. For example, the Ubuntu
> package popularity contest gives:

2008/1/8, K.D.P.Ross <>:
> I think the idea of an O'Caml live CD is fantastic! Would it be possible
> to have
> (or have options for) -- in addition to libraries -- all the O'Caml
> "goodies"
> like findlib, menhir, ledit, ocaml+twt, etc.? -or- Perhaps provide godi
> and the
> sources to compile / set up packages on demand?

At first, I did not want to have too many things but I then realized
ocaml libraries were usually small and installed in a clean way so
I'll probably add many libraries.

There won't be gl-related things though, or at least not now : gl
applications needs somethings as mesa, proper drivers and the most
difficult part, configuration. Currently the livecd uses vesa drivers,
resolution ranges from 640x480 to 1280x1024 without problems and
except for colour depth/xfce's terminal, display has worked everywhere
I tried.

Note findlib and ledit are already present but there is a bug I had
forgotten about : findlib seems to really insist on using /usr/local
which I don't want or fftw2 doesn't properly install (it gets
installed in its source directory). I can't pronounce myself right now

2008/1/8, K.D.P.Ross <>:
> -and- Would it also be possible to offer a choice between Taureg and the
> O'Caml
> Emacs mode (

Of course. Thanks for noticing me about the availability of the latter.

2008/1/8, Philippe Wang <>:
> Hi!
> Maybe you should take a look at this page:
> (it's in French, and based on Knoppix 4 -- I see knoppix as the best
> linux live CD, but I might be wrong...)
> It has been made for undergrad students of Paris 6 University
> (, I think you can ask the author
> Christophe.Gonzales/*/ if you want to customize it a bit more.

If I'm not mistaken, this is "Juppix" : Paris 6 is also called
"Jussieu" and when you mix this name with "Knoppix", you get Juppix.
However Juppix is too heavy for what I have in mind. Moreover I have
never been really happy with Knoppix or its derivatives : sure it is
great but its size is an obstacle too performance. If you use a cd and
especially on a laptop, you will nearly continuously hear the cd being

2008/1/8, Mehdi Dogguy <>:
> You can try to make it work  using an usb key. And could possibly then
> add/remove any package. If you are a Debian lover, you can test it with :
> or even
> by editing ISOs

You can make more than trying : you can make it. ;)
I know many people who are using usb keys instead of CD/DVDs : they
have a better throughput, are tinier and survive longer.
Usb keys are nice when it comes to saving work you've done but, at
least in its current implementation, this can also lead to problems
when you try to have your changes automatically recorded (this is not
available in this livecd atm). Hopefully this only happens after
several times and hand-copying a package/module or saving a file won't
do any damage.

As for this cd, this is an excerpt of the build script:
> echo "* run $CDDATA/$LIVECDNAME/make_iso.bat to create ISO image"
> echo "* or copy content of $CDDATA to your USB device"
> echo "and run ./boot/ (from the device!) to setup boot sector"
If you try, please, don't forget the "from the device!" part. ;)


Adrien Nader