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objinfo doesn't give right module names for packed modules
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Date: 2008-03-03 (14:20)
From: Richard Jones <rich@a...>
Subject: objinfo doesn't give right module names for packed modules

This is the output of objinfo for a library which depends on the
calendar package, version 2.  In this new version of calendar, all
modules are compiled with -for-pack and packed under a single top
level module called 'CalendarLib'[1].

However objinfo doesn't show what I'd consider to be the true module

File /usr/lib/ocaml/pgocaml/pgocaml.cma
  Force custom: no
  Extra C object files:
  Extra C options: -I/usr/lib/ocaml/csv -I/usr/lib/ocaml/calendar -I/usr/lib/ocaml/pcre -I/usr/lib/ocaml/extlib
  Unit name: PGOCaml_config
  Interfaces imported:
        8ba3d1faa24d659525c9025f41fd0c57        Pervasives
        3a213460288e45681958941e81d1020c        PGOCaml_config
  Uses unsafe features: no
  Unit name: PGOCaml
  Interfaces imported:
        b9ee51d35819429061ce9ee1bac36c96        Time_Zone

   ^ Should be CalendarLib.Time_Zone

        da1ce9168f0408ff26158af757456948        List
        aa8e3cd5824f9bb40b93fcd38d0c95b5        Array
        9936935480b36bcbc716ee513f37876c        Random
        5dbbf45a03b54e6dbfcf39178d0d6341        Printf
        642aab18369aadca0b70eea7cc0b6f6c        Ftime

   ^ Should be CalendarLib.Ftime

        53d99e65d6fe50aa5270d472150ffbd7        PGOCaml
        b00eccf481484d6175e1313a172d8b6a        Date
        82717999a586ede6925c0aa18d6562ac        Printexc
        c16e527384c2b6d71d8b19582503f5f1        Enum
        f6cef633ea14963b84b79c4095c63dc3        Buffer
        cc35eea52e247d128e2e6ed0dba3bae0        Period
        259cfd8d508c1285ebfccd5d9d1e7f7d        Fcalendar

   ^ Should be CalendarLib.Fcalendar


I had a look at the source for objinfo, and there doesn't seem any
obvious way to turn on such information.  But even stranger, it's as
if the full module name isn't stored at all in the .cma file.  This
is what the relevant structure contains:

type compilation_unit =
  { cu_name: string;                    (* Name of compilation unit *)
    mutable cu_pos: int;                (* Absolute position in file *)
    cu_codesize: int;                   (* Size of code block *)
    cu_reloc: (reloc_info * int) list;  (* Relocation information *)
    cu_imports: (string * Digest.t) list; (* Names and CRC of intfs imported *)
    cu_primitives: string list;         (* Primitives declared inside *)
    mutable cu_force_link: bool;        (* Must be linked even if unref'ed *)
    mutable cu_debug: int;              (* Position of debugging info, or 0 *)
    cu_debugsize: int }                 (* Length of debugging info *)

Basically its the contents of cu_imports which is the list of
"Interfaces imported" printed out by objinfo.  So I don't understand
how one might print out the full module name, or if this is even


[1] For reference, this is how calendar is built:

ocamlc.opt -I src -c src/utils.mli
ocamlc.opt -I src -c src/utils.ml
ocamlc.opt -I src -c src/time_Zone.mli
ocamlc.opt -I src -c src/time_Zone.ml
ocamlc.opt -I src -c src/period.mli
ocamlc.opt -I src -c src/time_sig.mli
ocamlc.opt -I src -c src/time.mli
ocamlc.opt -I src -c src/time.ml
ocamlc.opt -I src -c src/ftime.mli
ocamlc.opt -I src -c src/ftime.ml
ocamlc.opt -I src -c src/date_sig.mli
ocamlc.opt -I src -c src/date.mli
ocamlc.opt -I src -c src/date.ml
ocamlc.opt -I src -c src/calendar_sig.mli
ocamlc.opt -I src -c src/calendar_builder.mli
ocamlc.opt -I src -c src/calendar_builder.ml
ocamlc.opt -I src -c src/calendar.mli
ocamlc.opt -I src -c src/calendar.ml
ocamlc.opt -I src -c src/fcalendar.mli
ocamlc.opt -I src -c src/fcalendar.ml
ocamlc.opt -I src -c src/printer.mli
ocamlc.opt -I src -c src/printer.ml
ocamlc.opt -I src -c src/version.mli
ocamlc.opt -I src -c src/version.ml
ocamlfind ocamlc -I src -pack -o target/calendarLib.cmo \
                src/utils.cmo src/time_Zone.cmo src/time.cmo src/ftime.cmo src/date.cmo src/calendar_builder.cmo src/calendar.cmo src/fcalendar.cmo src/printer.cmo src/version.cmo
ocamlopt.opt -I src -noassert -for-pack CalendarLib -c src/utils.ml
ocamlopt.opt -I src -noassert -for-pack CalendarLib -c src/time_Zone.ml
ocamlopt.opt -I src -noassert -for-pack CalendarLib -c src/time.ml
ocamlopt.opt -I src -noassert -for-pack CalendarLib -c src/ftime.ml
ocamlopt.opt -I src -noassert -for-pack CalendarLib -c src/date.ml
ocamlopt.opt -I src -noassert -for-pack CalendarLib -c src/calendar_builder.ml
ocamlopt.opt -I src -noassert -for-pack CalendarLib -c src/calendar.ml
ocamlopt.opt -I src -noassert -for-pack CalendarLib -c src/fcalendar.ml
ocamlopt.opt -I src -noassert -for-pack CalendarLib -c src/printer.ml
ocamlopt.opt -I src -noassert -for-pack CalendarLib -c src/version.ml
ocamlfind ocamlopt -I src -noassert -pack -o target/calendarLib.cmx \
                src/utils.cmx src/time_Zone.cmx src/time.cmx src/ftime.cmx src/date.cmx src/calendar_builder.cmx src/calendar.cmx src/fcalendar.cmx src/printer.cmx src/version.cmx

Richard Jones
Red Hat