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[ANN] Lwt 2.0.0 released
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Date: 2009-10-15 (22:10)
From: Stéphane Glondu <steph@g...>
Subject: [ANN] Lwt 2.0.0 released

The Lwt team is pleased to announce the release of Lwt 2.0.0. You can
download it at:


This new version brings a lot of new features, including:

 * GLib integration: it is now possible to write cooperative
   application using GTK!

 * Terminal utilities: you can now write cooperative curses oriented

 * Cooperative readline: write a shell in 5 minutes!

 * A syntax extension to make code using lwt clearer

 * A proof of concept implementation of a new toplevel with line
   editing and completion support

 * New modules, helpers, ...

Here is the complete list of changes from the previous version

 * Adding modules:
   - Lwt_stream: lwt-aware version of the Stream module
   - Lwt_gc for using finalise without Lwt_unix.run
   - Lwt_io: a new implementation of buffered channels with more
     features and better handling of concurrent access
   - Lwt_text: implementation of text channels
   - Lwt_process: helpers to spawn processes and communicate with them
   - Lwt_main for abstracting the main loop and allowing replacement
     by a custom main loop
   - Lwt_glib for integration into the glib main event loop
   - Lwt_term for interaction with the terminal
   - Lwt_read_line for interactive user input
   - Lwt_monitor, Lwt_mvar: combined locks for synchronization with
     conditional variables for notification
   - Lwt_throttle for limiting rate of execution (e.g. for
     authentication procedures)
   - Lwt_sequence: mutable sequence of elements
   - Lwt_event, Lwt_signal: helpers for reactive programming with lwt
 * Adding a syntax extension pa_lwt:
   - handles anonymous bind a >> b
   - adds syntactic sugar for catching errors (ticket #6)
   - adds syntactic sugar for parallel let-binding construction
   - adds syntactic sugar for for-like loops
 * Top-level integration:
   - threads can runs while reading user input
   - line editing support
 * New enhanced OCaml toplevel with some basic completion features
 * Adding C stubs to reimplement Unix.read and Unix.write with
   assumption of non-blocking behaviour
 * Adding more functions/helpers in Lwt
 * Fixing memory leaks in Lwt.choose
 * Bugfix in Lwt_chan.close_* (ticket #66)
 * Separate the type of threads (covariant) from the type of thread
   wakeners (contravariant); the type of many functions related to
   Lwt.wait has been changed
 * Add cancelable threads
 * Unix-dependent part is now put in its own archive and findlib


The Lwt team