Index of modules

PBase64Binary [Soap_prim]
PBoolean [Soap_prim]
PDate [Soap_prim]
PDateTime [Soap_prim]
PDecimal [Soap_prim]
PDouble [Soap_prim]
PDuration [Soap_prim]
PFloat [Soap_prim]
PGDay [Soap_prim]
PGMonth [Soap_prim]
PGMonthDay [Soap_prim]
PGYear [Soap_prim]
PGYearMonth [Soap_prim]
PHexBinary [Soap_prim]
PNotation [Soap_prim]
PQname [Soap_prim]
PString [Soap_prim]
PStructure [Soap_prim]
This module gives a description of the OCAML structure, which represents a standard soap message
PTime [Soap_prim]
PTypes [Soap_prim]
This module contains the basic definition of various types that have been implemented.
PUri [Soap_prim]

Soap_prim []
Interface of the OCaml-Soap library.