Index of values

add_elem [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Insert a new key/data pair into the struct

base64Binary_max [Soap_prim.PBase64Binary]
base64Binary_min [Soap_prim.PBase64Binary]

dateTime_maxe [Soap_prim.PDateTime]
dateTime_maxi [Soap_prim.PDateTime]
dateTime_mine [Soap_prim.PDateTime]
dateTime_mini [Soap_prim.PDateTime]
date_maxe [Soap_prim.PDate]
date_maxi [Soap_prim.PDate]
date_mine [Soap_prim.PDate]
date_mini [Soap_prim.PDate]
decimal_maxe [Soap_prim.PDecimal]
decimal_maxi [Soap_prim.PDecimal]
decimal_mine [Soap_prim.PDecimal]
decimal_mini [Soap_prim.PDecimal]
double_maxe [Soap_prim.PDouble]
double_maxi [Soap_prim.PDouble]
double_mine [Soap_prim.PDouble]
double_mini [Soap_prim.PDouble]
duration_maxe [Soap_prim.PDuration]
duration_maxi [Soap_prim.PDuration]
duration_mine [Soap_prim.PDuration]
duration_mini [Soap_prim.PDuration]

find_elem [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Return the data for a key
float_maxe [Soap_prim.PFloat]
float_maxi [Soap_prim.PFloat]
float_mine [Soap_prim.PFloat]
float_mini [Soap_prim.PFloat]

gDay_maxe [Soap_prim.PGDay]
gDay_maxi [Soap_prim.PGDay]
gDay_mine [Soap_prim.PGDay]
gDay_mini [Soap_prim.PGDay]
gMonthDay_maxe [Soap_prim.PGMonthDay]
gMonthDay_maxi [Soap_prim.PGMonthDay]
gMonthDay_mine [Soap_prim.PGMonthDay]
gMonthDay_mini [Soap_prim.PGMonthDay]
gMonth_maxe [Soap_prim.PGMonth]
gMonth_maxi [Soap_prim.PGMonth]
gMonth_mine [Soap_prim.PGMonth]
gMonth_mini [Soap_prim.PGMonth]
gYearMonth_maxe [Soap_prim.PGYearMonth]
gYearMonth_maxi [Soap_prim.PGYearMonth]
gYearMonth_mine [Soap_prim.PGYearMonth]
gYearMonth_mini [Soap_prim.PGYearMonth]
gYear_maxe [Soap_prim.PGYear]
gYear_maxi [Soap_prim.PGYear]
gYear_mine [Soap_prim.PGYear]
gYear_mini [Soap_prim.PGYear]
get_obj [Soap_prim.PStructure]
Given an XML document and an envelope object containing the attributes, this function returns an envelope object
get_obj_struct [Soap_prim.PStructure]
Given an XML document containing a soap schema, this function returns an envelope object
get_string [Soap_prim.PStructure]
Given an envelope object, this function returns the corresponding XML document

hexBinary_max [Soap_prim.PHexBinary]
hexBinary_min [Soap_prim.PHexBinary]

make_struct [Soap_prim.PTypes]
This creates a new soapst struct
ml_of_array [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a SOAP array into a ML array value
ml_of_base64Binary [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a SOAP base64Binary into a ML base64Binary value
ml_of_boolean [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a SOAP boolean into a ML boolean value
ml_of_booleanarray [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a SOAP boolean array into a ML boolean array value
ml_of_date [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a SOAP date into a ML date value
ml_of_dateTime [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a SOAP dateTime into a ML dateTime value
ml_of_dateTimearray [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a SOAP dateTime array into a ML dateTime array value
ml_of_datearray [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a SOAP date array into a ML date array value
ml_of_decimal [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a SOAP decimal into a ML decimal value
ml_of_decimalarray [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a SOAP decimal array into a ML decimal array value
ml_of_double [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a SOAP double into a ML double value
ml_of_doublearray [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a SOAP double array into a ML double array value
ml_of_duration [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a SOAP duration into a ML duration value
ml_of_durationarray [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a SOAP duration array into a ML duration array value
ml_of_float [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a SOAP float into a ML float value
ml_of_floatarray [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a SOAP float array into a ML float array value
ml_of_gDay [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a SOAP gDay into a ML gDay value
ml_of_gDayarray [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a SOAP gDay into a ML gDay value
ml_of_gMonth [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a SOAP gMonth into a ML gMonth value
ml_of_gMonthDay [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a SOAP gMonthDay into a ML gMonthDay value
ml_of_gMonthDayarray [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a SOAP gMonthDay array into a ML gMonthDay array value
ml_of_gMontharray [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a SOAP gMonth into a ML gMonth value
ml_of_gYear [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a SOAP gYear into a ML gYear value
ml_of_gYearMonth [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a SOAP gYearMonth into a ML gYearMonth value
ml_of_gYearMontharray [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a SOAP gYearMonth array into a ML gYearMonth array value
ml_of_gYeararray [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a SOAP gYear array into a ML gYear array value
ml_of_hexBinary [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a SOAP hexBinary into a ML hexBinary value
ml_of_notation [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a SOAP notation into a ML notation value
ml_of_qname [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a SOAP qname into a ML qname value
ml_of_string [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a SOAP string into a ML string value
ml_of_stringarray [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a SOAP string array into a ML string array value
ml_of_struct [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a SOAP struct into a ML struct value
ml_of_structarray [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a SOAP struct array into a ML struct array value
ml_of_time [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a SOAP time into a ML time value
ml_of_timearray [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a SOAP time array into a ML time array value
ml_of_uri [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a SOAP uri into a ML uri value

notation_max [Soap_prim.PNotation]
notation_min [Soap_prim.PNotation]

parse_value [Soap_prim.PTypes]
This function takes as argument, a schema, a Pxp document node (containing the input whose SOAP value is to be determined, and a string which contains its type description.
print_value [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Prints the SOAP object into a string

qname_max [Soap_prim.PQname]
qname_min [Soap_prim.PQname]

skip [Soap_prim.PTypes]
SOAP representation of UNIT
sp_of_array [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a ML array, into a SOAP object
sp_of_base64Binary [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a ML base64Binary, represented as a base64Binary_s object into a SOAP object
sp_of_boolean [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a ML bool, represented as a boolean_s object into a SOAP object
sp_of_date [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a ML date, represented as a date_s object into a SOAP object
sp_of_dateTime [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a ML dateTime, represented as a dateTime_s object into a SOAP object
sp_of_decimal [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a ML decimal, represented as a decimal_s object into a SOAP object
sp_of_double [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a ML double, represented as a double_s object into a SOAP object
sp_of_duration [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a ML duration, represented as a duration_s object into a SOAP object
sp_of_float [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a ML float, represented as a float_s object into a SOAP object
sp_of_gDay [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a ML gDay, represented as a gDay_s object into a SOAP object
sp_of_gMonth [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a ML gMonth, represented as a gMonth_s object into a SOAP object
sp_of_gMonthDay [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a ML gMonthDay, represented as a gMonthDay_s object into a SOAP object
sp_of_gYear [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a ML gYear, represented as a gYear_s object into a SOAP object
sp_of_gYearMonth [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a ML gYearMonth, represented as a gYearMonth_s object into a SOAP object
sp_of_hexBinary [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a ML hexBinary, represented as a hexBinary_s object into a SOAP object
sp_of_notation [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a ML notation, represented as a notation_s object into a SOAP object
sp_of_qname [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a ML qname, represented as a qname_s object into a SOAP object
sp_of_string [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a ML string, represented as a string_s object into a SOAP object
sp_of_struct [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a ML struct, represented as soapst, into a SOAP object
sp_of_time [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a ML time, represented as a time_s object into a SOAP object
sp_of_uri [Soap_prim.PTypes]
Converts a ML uri, represented as a uri_s object into a SOAP object
string_max [Soap_prim.PString]
string_min [Soap_prim.PString]

time_maxe [Soap_prim.PTime]
time_maxi [Soap_prim.PTime]
time_mine [Soap_prim.PTime]
time_mini [Soap_prim.PTime]

uri_max [Soap_prim.PUri]
uri_min [Soap_prim.PUri]