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Latest adds/updates

Latest adds/updates
2004-08-04MicmactchMicmatch is a syntax extension of the pattern matching constructs of OCaml for matching and extracting substrings with regular expressions. Micmatch tries to stay as close as possible to the spirit of OCaml.Named regular expressions can be defined. They use the syntax of ocamllex with some additions.
By Martin Jambon
2003-12-15Improvements of the pa_macro packageImprovements to the pa_macro package that was added to camlp4 distribution recently.
By Aleksey Nogin
2003-10-16ulexA lexer generator for Unicode and OCaml.
By Alain Frisch
2003-10-06OXAn XML integration into Objective-Caml, providing XML transducers based on pseudo-tree view.
By Didier Plaindoux
2003-06-30camlp4 hashtbl syntax extension
By Stefano Zacchiroli
2003-03-24Regexp-OCamlConvenient syntax sugar for regular expression match for strings using PCRE/OCaml library.
By Yukata Oiwa
2003-01-29pa_recordsA syntax extension for camlp4 that defines a somehow lighter syntax for pattern-matching on records.
By Olivier Andrieu
2002-11-21xmllexerAn XML lexer for Camlp4.
By Manuel Maarek