The Caml SideBar Tab for Mozilla

What is MozCaml ?

MozCaml is a SideBar Tab for the Mozilla browser dedicated to the Caml language. (A SideBar is some kind of plugin which appears in the left of Mozilla's window, such as the list of bookmarks or the history.)

It provides direct access to many information about Objective Caml: news, user's manual, library documentation and the humps (the collection of links to Caml-related stuff). Each of these sources can be browsed throughout several views, including contents tree, indexes or search engines.


MozCaml should work in every browser that supports Mozilla SideBar Tabs, XUL interfaces and JavaScript. This includes Mozilla (1.2 or greater) and Mozilla Firebird (0.7). Please note that because of a bug in Galeon, it does not run properly in this browser.

To install MozCaml, just click on this link in Mozilla: this will run a piece of JavaScript and ask you for adding the tab to your SideBar. Then, a tab entitled "Caml" will appear in your SideBar.


Here are some screenshots from the different views of the Objective Caml sidebar tab:
The news tab
Caml news
The manual tab
Browsing the manual
The library tab
Browsing the library
The humps tab
Browsing the humps
Search in the manual
Search in the manual
Search in the humps
Search in the humps

Frequently Asked Questions

How to show the SideBar in Mozilla?
Select "View", "Show/Hide" and then "Sidebar" in the menu bar.
How to remove the Caml SideBar tab from Mozilla?
On the top of the SideBar, click on "Tabs" and then select "Customize sidebar...". A window appears where you can remove the "Caml" sidebar.
How to upgrade to a new version of MozCaml?
When installing the sidebar tab, Mozilla just adds MozCaml's url in some file of your profile (namely panel.rdf). Nothing else is stored on your computer and all files are downloaded from our server by Mozilla, as it does for every regular HTML page. So, your tab will be updated as soon as we update the file on the server.
What about security and privacy ?
The Caml sidebar tab is displayed by Mozilla with the same privileges as any regular HTML page. So the same security policy applies. This means that the tab is not allowed to execute any sensible JavaScript code, e.g. reading your personal data or local files.
What is the syntax for search queries?
See the searching instructions.


Comments and suggestions are very welcome.
Vincent Simonet and Maxence Guesdon