The Objective Caml distribution

Version 3.02

This is an old release; see also the current version.

Direct access to the release directory via FTP and HTTP.


Precompiled binaries:

Several Linux distributions include precompiled binaries for OCaml, e.g. Debian, Mandrake, and RedHat. These binaries are often less up-to-date but more nicely packaged than ours. See also
  • Native Win32 port, self-installing. Includes simple toplevel GUI, but some features require Microsoft Visual C++ and Microsoft Assembler.
  • Cygwin-based port. Does not require additional Microsoft software, but lacks the toplevel GUI. Requires the Cygwin 1.1 environment. These binaries were withdrawn because of binary compatibility problems with certain versions of Cygwin. Until the problem is sorted out, please download the source distribution and compile it yourself under Cygwin.
  • Mac OS X: compile from the source. Note: there is a glitch in the autoconfiguration script, which you can work around by doing ./configure --host powerpc-apple-rhapsody instead of just ./configure.

    User's manual and reference manual:

    Older releases: