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0003958OCaml-for CamlIDL use 19:442011-12-17 09:24
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0003958: Missing features in CamlIDL 1.05
A recently made a GODI package for CamlIDL 1.05. I found a number of problems:

- The build script assumes ocamlopt is always available
- The build script does not create a DLL even if possible
- If one tries the latter one runs into the otherwise hidden problem that
  IID_IUnknown is declared as "extern" in comstuff.h but never defined

I made a set of patches for GODI; maybe you want to incorporate them into the
next release of camlidl: [^]

The fix for the IID_IUnknown problem is just a guess; I have no idea what
to put into this struct.
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I'm closing this PR because CamlIDL has been dormant since 2004. It now lives (or at least sleeps) on [^] . Anyone who still cares about CamlIDL after all these years is welcome to join the project on and breathe some life in it.