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0004024: Memory-mapping of bigarrays with offsets missing
It is currently impossible to memory-map file portions with a non-zero offset (64 bits would be required, too!) with the Bigarray module. This is quite unfortunate, because very large files that exceed the integer limits of OCaml on 32bit platforms are not fully accessible in a memory-mapped way then.

The current seek position of the file descriptor could eventually be consulted for that in the current code without changing the API. This would be a fairly trivial change.
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child of 0003790closed xleroy Wish: Bigarray.*.map_file should set an offset 
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2006-05-16 21:49   
The mmap64 system call would have to be used if 64bit offsets should be supported.
2006-05-19 14:45   
I second this. However Array*.sub can be used for small files.
2006-06-10 16:20   
Tentative implementation in CVS trunk (Bigarray.*.map_subfile functions).
Windows implementation is untested and probably wrong.