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0004756OCaml~DO NOT USE (was: OCaml general)public2009-03-26 16:222009-04-19 11:10
0004756: closure interpreted as string when using %_ in printf routine
The use of "%_s" e.g. in format specifiers for printf routines is probably not allowed, but the routine cannot check this, because the arguments are counted incorrectly by ocaml. If I write in ocaml the phrase

Printf.sprintf "Hello %s, how %_s you" "Tom";;

the answer is not "Exception ... bad conversion %_ ...", instead a closure is
incorrectly returned as string value:

val s : string = "\212\168\198 ... \000\000"

A detailed description is attached as file '' and a possible
fix (the responsible function) is described there. This is a minor bug, because
it occurs only, if users compile programs with incorrect format specifications.
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2009-03-28 12:35   
Thank you very much for the detailed bug report. I'm investigating the problem and will let you know the solution I will find.
2009-03-30 12:42   
I fixed it the simple way: %_s conversion now raises an exception in printf.