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0004900: max_overhead vs. caml_gc_major / caml_gc_full_major
I noticed this morning that gc_ctrl.c:test_and_compact, called from caml_gc_major and caml_gc_full_major, appears to be able to call caml_compact_heap (which doesn't test caml_percent_max) in the situation where the first calculation of fp yields >=1_000_000, caml_percent_max is set to 1_000_000, and there is more than one heap chunk.

Is the setting of caml_percent_max (aka max_overhead) to 1_000_000 not supposed to prevent automatic compaction in all cases? I wonder if the test in that function should be "fp > caml_percent_max", or whether 1_000_000 - 1 should be used for the saturating calculation.
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well spotted