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0006089OCaml-for ocamlbuild use 17:572017-08-06 21:08
0006089: improve ocamlbuild documentation
Hello, I would be happy to update a bit the wiki [^] and [^]

In particular, seperate what belongs to the reference manual (put in ocaml manual), and what belongs to the html wiki doc (examples, tutorials, less technical wording). Also, put aside all "inefficient" text, which talks about the tool without really teaching how to use it.

I would like no to spend too much time on this, and in particular on discussing each details and each wording. However, if I start to change things, it would be hard for you to track each modification, so at some point you would need to trust me, while you don't know me.

I think I could start by explaining in a doc what I plan to change for each paragraph, and if that suits you start working on it. I would need technical information on how to edit the manuals.

I am not real expert of ocaml and ocamlbuild, but as a "beginner" I think I remember quite many things during my learning of the tool, that could be useful to put in documentation.

what is your opinion on that ?
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2013-07-27 03:50   
william, while the official manual is hard to change for non developers, I think it would good to give you access to the wiki. I will ping relevant people to allow you to edit the content (if it's not possible at the moment, as I didn't check it yet!), thanks.
2017-08-06 21:08   
Ocamlbuild and its documentation has been moved to [^] .