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0006151OCamlback end (clambda to assembly)public2013-08-30 18:262016-12-07 10:46
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0006151: Misc.Fatal_error when using "%apply" for more arguments.
I'm not really sure this is really a bug or "working as intended" but the joined file doesn't compile with the following message :

>> Fatal error: Cmmgen.transl_prim_3
Fatal error: exception Misc.Fatal_error

It does of course compile (and give the expected result with the signature :
('a -> 'b) -> 'a -> 'b

Also, and this is probably a bigger issue, the first line alone compile just fine as long as ap2 is not used.
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related to 0007408acknowledged  Compile-time fatal error when we write external definitions with wrong signatures 
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I think it's reasonable to assume that all the builtins have fixed signature that match the one declared as data type. We should close this PR as variable arity %apply is a bad idea. On other hand "lambda" intermediate language supports only simple single argument apply.
2013-09-06 02:22   
The fact that this code don't compile is fine, but the error reporting should be clearer and a type check should be done at the definition, not as the use.
2013-09-11 22:22   
By using external, you are giving up your right to static type checking, so in my opinion you should be happy to get an error at compile-time and not a segment violation at run-time.

That said, if there is a simple way of giving a better error message, I'm in favor of implementing it.
2016-12-06 23:07   
I think there are many higher-priority items on the agenda. Furthermore, use of % primitives outside the compiler distribution is not to be encouraged---if you play with fire, you should expect to get burnt occasionally. Closing this issue; please submit a patch via Github if you feel strongly enough.