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0007744OCamlruntime system and C interfacepublic2018-02-23 13:142018-03-12 13:30
0007744: Symbols mentioned in compatibility.h but not declared anywhere else
The following symbols are declared in compatibility.h and marked CAMLexport in the runtime but are only defined in their respective C files: caml_channel_size, caml_do_read, caml_finalize_channel, caml_input_scan_line, caml_int32_ops, caml_int64_ops, caml_minor_collection, caml_nativeint_ops, caml_pos_in, caml_pos_out, caml_seek_in, caml_seek_out.
caml_minor_collection, judging from the comment, exists for lablgtk?

caml_pos_in, caml_pos_out, caml_seek_in and caml_seek_out are marked special cases in compatibility.h

Note that while caml_int32_ops, caml_int64_ops and caml_nativeint_ops have been marked CAMLexport, caml_ba_ops never has been.

The remaining items (also) come from io.c and, again judging from comments, appear to have been exported for Cash's benefit?
Possible change on the horizon where symbols need once again to be exported explicitly, so these need to be properly mentioned in headers if they're to be kept exported.
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