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0000110OCamlOCaml generalpublic2000-05-14 23:252000-06-05 15:02
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Summary0000110: Re: memory leak

Thank you for your message to the Caml mailing list.

However your message seems to be a bug report; hence I send it to the
relevant mailing list

Thank again for your interest in Caml.

Pierre Weis

INRIA, Projet Cristal,, [^]

> I have a memory leak which I believe arises from some problem in the
> compiler. I've confirmed the leak for ocaml-2.04 and ocaml-3.00. The
> problem is centered around the flag 'stupid' in the following code.
> If 'stupid = true' there is a serious memory leak. If 'stupid = false'
> there is no memory leak. This is the only place in the code this flag
> is used and all subfunctions are side-effect free.
> let detection oneway stupid get_start_belief clean sigma or_sigma distance
> orientation seer_id seen_id seer_beliefs seen_beliefs =
> let dims_1 = Array.init 2 (fun x -> x) in
> let dims_2 = Array.init 3 (fun x -> x) in
> let rec dring_1 = Sample.x::Sample.y::dring_1 in
> let rec dring_2 = Sample.x::Sample.y::Sample.theta::dring_2 in
> let seer_sample_for_seen, seer_beliefs =
> if stupid then Belief_states.Map.find seer_id seer_beliefs, seer_beliefs
> else Belief_states.get get_start_belief seen_id seer_id seer_beliefs in
> let seen_according_to_seer =
> clean ( (to_observed distance sigma orientation or_sigma) seer_sample_for_seen) in
> let seen_belief = Belief_states.Map.find seen_id seen_beliefs in
> let new_seen_belief =
> integrator oneway dims_1 dims_2 0.01 dring_1 dring_2 seen_according_to_seer seen_belief in
> let new_seen_beliefs = Belief_states.Map.add seen_id new_seen_belief seen_beliefs in
> let new_seer_beliefs =
> if not oneway or true then
> let seen_sample_for_seer, seen_beliefs =
> if stupid then Belief_states.Map.find seen_id seen_beliefs, seen_beliefs
> else Belief_states.get get_start_belief seer_id seen_id seen_beliefs in
> let seer_according_to_seen =
> clean ( (to_observer distance sigma) seen_sample_for_seer) in
> let seer_belief = Belief_states.Map.find seer_id seer_beliefs in
> let new_seer_belief =
> integrator oneway dims_2 dims_2 0.01 dring_2 dring_2 seer_according_to_seen seer_belief in
> let new_seer_beliefs = Belief_states.Map.add seer_id new_seer_belief seer_beliefs in
> new_seer_beliefs
> else seer_beliefs in
> new_seer_beliefs, new_seen_beliefs
> Does anyone have an idea for how to debug this or what the underlying
> problem is? Naturally, I can try cutting code to isolate the bug
> further but that approach seems awkward as the overall program (which
> is used for monte carlo multi robot localization) is not very small.
> -John

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administrator (administrator)
2000-06-05 15:02

Not enough context to understand what's going on.

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