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0001217OCaml~DO NOT USE (was: OCaml general)public2002-06-26 16:382013-08-31 12:46
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Summary0001217: ocamldep should warn about non-existent dependencies
DescriptionThe manual for ocamldep states

 -I directory Add the given directory to the list of directories searched for
   source files. If a source file mentions an external compilation unit
   Bar, a dependency on that unit's interface bar.cmi is generated only if the
   source for bar is found in the current directory or in one of the
   directories specified with -I. Otherwise, Bar is assumed to be a module form
   the standard library, and no dependencies are generated. For programs that
   span multiple directories, it is recommended to pass ocamldep the same -I
   options that are passed to the compiler.

This is unsafe. In other words I had a bug in my Makefile and the -I
flags were not being passed to ocamldep. It took a while to notice
that bug. As a possible solution, I suggest that ocamldep check that
the module really does reside in the stdlib. There are other
solutions that you may prefer but I think we should err on the side of

Also, the word "form" should be changed to "from". (I often make this
mistake too.)

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doligez (administrator)
2008-01-22 14:07

Fixed the typo in the doc.
Not sure the feature is worth the trouble.
doligez (administrator)
2012-01-25 14:43

I don't think we can implement this feature because ocamldep is not exact: because it works at the syntactic level and doesn't handle all the subtleties of the module system, it sometimes finds dependencies that are nonexistent.

A canonical example would be:

  open Random;;
  let random_state = State.make [| 1 |];;

On this file, currently ocamldep either ignores the reference to State (because it cannot find the .mli) or outputs a spurious dependency on state.cmi (if there is a file named state.mli).

With your change, in the first case it would output a spurious warning (that state.mli was not found).
This would rather discourage any serious use of the module system.

I'm setting this feature wish to resolved/wontfix, meaning that we won't work on it for the moment. We might come back to it one day if ocamldep gets an exact computation of dependencies.

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