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0001634OCamltypingpublic2003-04-13 06:022016-12-07 18:34
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Summary0001634: Feature wish: enhanced module constraints
DescriptionFull_Name: Brian Rogoff
Version: OCaml
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  In the latest round of thrashing over the parameterization trick hack for
encoding mutually recursive type and functor instantiations, an old annoyance
reared it's head again so I decided I'd see if you want to fix it.

  The problem is that when we have a signature which exports two types (say,
Set.S, which exports t and elt) and we'd like to enforce that these two types
related like in the following, where Ord.t is obviously a polymorphic type

(* Not legal!!! *)

module MakeRec(Ord: OPEN_ORDERED) : (S with type elt = t Ord.t) =
                                                       ^-- how to refer to S.t?

the only way I think we can do this now is to expand the signature S out with
type equalities coded in the expanded sig. If that's right, that is a
of the module system, and very un-Caml-like in it's verbosity, as I now have to
repeat the whole signature just to get the type equality I want. I understand
that neither "t" (which t does that refer to) nor "S.t" will work there, but
isn't this just syntax? Can't something like the following, also not legal
OCaml, be made to work?

module MakeRec(Ord: OPEN_ORDERED) : (S with type t and type elt = t Ord.t) =

where we first mention the t so that we know we're talking about the t in the
struct being defined, and then refer to it.

I trust that fixing this is easier than fixing the recursive module problem :-)

-- Brian

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