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0001893OCaml~DO NOT USE (was: OCaml general)public2003-10-24 23:132013-08-31 12:46
Assigned Toprotz 
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.13.0+dev 
Summary0001893: various problems/typos in the ocaml doc

I found the following pecularities/problems/typos in the ocaml

- I think in the rule for constr capitalized-ident should be replaced
  with constr-name

- there is a comma missing in the operator precedence table in
  manual015.html after assert

- exceptions should be mentioned as belonging to the name space of

- instance variables are missing in the capitalization summary
  table in manual011.html

- [] is a constr-name, so it should be possible to use it
  in a variant type definition. However,

  type x = false | [];;

  yields a syntax error. This works well for the other peculiar
  constr-name's like (), :: ...

- format and format4 have been mixed up in manual033.html

- there is a formatting error in libref/Scanf.html below fscanf

- there are wrong parenthesis in a number of variant types and
  exceptions, eg.

  Dynlink.Linking_error of (string * linking_error)
  Unix.ADDR_INET of (inet_addr * int)
  Unix.Unix_error of (error * string * string)

- the meta symbols label and optlabel are never used, instead
  ?label-name and ~label-name are used. Except for the rule of
  class-type, which uses label.

I have a few other remarks:

- the "viewed online" link on the 3.06 distribution page points to the
  3.07 docs

- for the following input

    class ['a] x a = object method m x = (a : 'a) end

  ocaml produces

    Some type variables are unbound in this type:
      class ['a] x : 'a -> object method m : 'b -> 'a end
    The method m has type 'a -> 'b where 'a is unbound

  The last statement is wrong. The codomain of m is 'a and 'a is not

- some time ago I asked for putting the sources of the ocaml
  documentation online. Having access to the sources would really
  simplify the generation of the enhanced ocaml docs. Can you
  reconsider this question?



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related to 0003830closedgarrigue various problems with ocaml 3.09 and the docs 
related to 0004292closed various documentation problems 

-  Notes
administrator (administrator)
2004-03-22 16:04

Formatting error of the Scanf.fscanf comment is fixed in CVS.
OCamldoc was fixed not to put parenthesis around arguments of variant
constructors and exceptions.
- Maxence
administrator (administrator)
2004-06-28 17:00

constr: fixed
comma: fixed
exceptions: fixed
instance variables: fixed
[]: fixed
format: fixed
scanf: fixed
OCamldoc was fixed not to put parenthesis around arguments of variant
constructors and exceptions. -
label/optlabel: fixed
broken link: feature wish: should remove the link; we don't keep old versions of
the doc on-line
wrong error message: feature wish: better naming of type variables in system
documentation sources: feature wish
doligez (administrator)
2012-01-27 09:41

As of 3.12.1, the error message is fixed, and the sources of the documentation are available at: [^]

That leaves us with one problem in the web site: the documentation link for the previous release is still wrong (should be removed).
protz (manager)
2012-01-30 16:38

r12103 removes the link to the online documentation from the "previous release" page

better naming for type variables has been implemented by Jacques

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