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0000246OCaml~DO NOT USE (was: OCaml general)public2000-12-14 11:182000-12-15 01:46
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Summary0000246: Variables de rangee faibles & signaturess
DescriptionFull_Name: Sylvain Boulme
Version: 3.00
OS: Linux RedHat 6.2
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Le parser (et le typeur ?) dans le toplevel reagit de facon anormale en
de variables de rangee faibles dans les signatures.

Par exemple, sous l'hypothese du code suivant :

class foo =
   method printA = "A"

module Titi =
    let f y (x:#foo) = x
    let blah = f 0

Le module "Titi" a la signature :

 val f : 'a -> (#foo as 'b) -> 'b
 val blah : (_#foo as 'a) -> 'a

Si on essaye de definir :

module type Toto =
    val f : 'a -> (#foo as 'b) -> 'b
    val blah : (_#foo as 'a) -> 'a

La reponse est
 The type constructor foo expects 0 argument(s),
 but is here applied to 1 argument(s)

De meme, si on essaye de definir :

module type Toto =
    val blah : < printA: string; _..>

La reponse est
  Syntax error: 'end' expected, the highlighted 'sig' might be unmatched



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administrator (administrator)
2000-12-15 01:46

The user cannot input weak type variables. Only the compiler can show them.

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