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0002719OCaml~DO NOT USE (was: OCaml general)public2004-06-14 20:092015-12-11 19:27
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Target Version4.02.0+devFixed in Version4.02.0+dev 
Summary0002719: Problem in the Mac OS X compiler [PPC code generator]
DescriptionFull_Name: Sylvain Chevillard
Version: 3.07+17
OS: Mac OS X v10.3
Submission from: (

I have noticed a bug which should be in the Mac OS X compiler of ocaml, I
Here is a minimal buggy code :

open Printf

let bug () =
  let mat = [| [|false|] |]
  and test = ref false in
    printf "Value of test at the beginning : %b\n" !test; flush stdout;
    (try let _ = mat.(0).(-1) in
       (test := true;
        printf "Am I going through this block of instructions ?\n";
        flush stdout)
     with Invalid_argument _ -> printf "Value of test now : %b\n" !test
    (try if mat.(0).(-1) then ()
     with Invalid_argument _ -> ()

let () = bug ()

We are waiting that the program (when run) should write :
Value of test at the beginning : false
Value of test now : false

and actually, that is what you could see when you run the bytecode generated by
ocamlc or if you compile the code on an x86 architecture with native compiler.

But, with the native compiler on Mac OS X, the program writes :
Value of test at the beginning : false
Value of test now : true

Notice that this part of the code seems to be useless but is actually essential
to the bug :
    (try if mat.(0).(-1) then ()
     with Invalid_argument _ -> ()

I think that it is a problem of pipeline in the processor. The instruction
test := true;
is probably pipelined in the processor and is run even when the exception is

Happy coding!

Sylvain Chevillard

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related to 0004892closed 'index out of bound' check too early? 

-  Notes
administrator (administrator)
2004-07-01 13:25

Bug in scheduling of Icheckbound. The obvious fix diminishes the usefulness of
the scheduler quite a bit. Will not fix in 3.08.
xleroy (administrator)
2014-06-05 16:01

Semi-obvious fix implemented in 4.02 (commit 14963) and on trunk (commit 14964): checkbound instructions are not rescheduled if they occur within a try...with block.

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