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0002737OCamlOCaml generalpublic2004-06-17 02:442012-01-30 15:09
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.12.0 
Summary0002737: sig_of_struct
DescriptionFull_Name: Evgeny Chukreev
Submission from: (

Feature wish:
  It's impossible now to write code like:

  module B =
      (* blah-blah-blah *)

  module type A =
      (* blah-blah-blah *)

      include (sig_of_struct B)

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administrator (administrator)
2004-06-17 10:16

> Full_Name: Evgeny Chukreev
> Feature wish:
> It's impossible now to write code like:
> module B =
> struct
> (* blah-blah-blah *)
> end
> module type A =
> sig
> (* blah-blah-blah *)
> include (sig_of_struct B)
> end

This is also a feature I would like to have.
However, there is a small "moral" problem: as the signature of B is
not given explicitly, you are relying on the type checker to produce,
and it could be for instance more general than you expected.
I.e. a function may be more polymorphic than expected, and as a result
the signature produced would be incompatible with the expected one.
I don't see it as a major problem, but it may be a religious issue for

On the other hand, it should be possible at least to have a weaker
feature: have the .mli define a module type.
This would make easier providing a signature to an extended module.


doligez (administrator)
2012-01-30 15:09

This is the "module type of" feature that was introduced in 3.12.0.

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