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0002954OCaml~DO NOT USE (was: OCaml general)public2004-07-16 20:332010-04-29 14:26
Assigned Toertai 
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.10.0 
Summary0002954: pos_lnum and pos_bol are worngs on exceptions from Grammar.Entry.parse
DescriptionFull_Name: Aleksey Nogin
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I have a file that is being preprocessed by camlp4 with EXTEND'ed grammar. At
some point (after the file is fully read), the code needs to parse a string
(some of the quotations need to be parsed after the file is read in full), so it

Grammar.Entry.parse foo (Stream.of_string s)

If parsing fails and Grammar.Entry.parse ends up raising Stream.Error wrapped in
Stdpp.Exc_ocated, the loc in the exception will have a correct pos_cnum
(relative position in the string s being parsed), but the pos_lnum and pos_bol
seem to be inherited from the file that was originally parsed (in this case they
point at the end of file).

P.S. In addition to fixing Grammar.Entry.parse to start "counting" everything
from 0, it would be nice to also have a version of Grammar.Entry.parse that
would take an extra Lexing.position argument (representing the "offset" to start
counting at). This would make it unnecessary to catch Stdpp.Exc_located fro it,
re-raising them with a different (adjusted) loc.

Thank you!

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administrator (administrator)
2005-01-04 16:10

see also PR#3407
Assigned to MM.
ertai (developer)
2007-12-17 15:12

This has been fixed during the upgrade of camlp4. Parsing functions now takes an extra location argument that represent the starting location.

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