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0003476OCaml~DO NOT USE (was: OCaml general)public2005-02-18 11:252015-04-01 19:38
Assigned Toxleroy 
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Summary0003476: Bug in type checker with functors?

this mail has already been sent to you once, but didn't show up in the
bug tracker (possibly a problem with the mail agent). To make sure you
get it, here it is again:

We have observed strange behaviour of the type checker when using

The following code does not compile:

module FF(X : sig end) =
  type t

module M =
  module X = struct end
  module Y = FF (X) (* XXX *)
  type t = Y.t

module F
  (Y : sig type t end)
  (M : sig type t = Y.t end) =

module N = F (M.Y) (M)

The error is:

  Signature mismatch:
  Modules do not match:
      module X : sig end
      module Y : sig type t = FF(X).t end
      type t = Y.t
  is not included in
    sig type t = M.Y.t end
  Type declarations do not match:
    type t = Y.t
  is not included in
    type t = M.Y.t

However, if we replace the line marked with "XXX" as follows (i.e.
expand the definition of the argument "X"):

  module Y = FF (struct end)

then the code compiles without problems. Are we overlooking a trivial
reason why the first code should be incorrect?

Our compiler version is 3.08.2.

Best regards,

Markus Mottl

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-  Notes
xleroy (administrator)
2006-08-30 13:57

This is an unfortunate consequence of applicative functors.
In the example, there are two valid but incompatible signatures for M.Y:
M.Y : sig type t = FF(M.X).t end (because of applicative functors)
M.Y : sig type t = M.Y.t end (by regular strengthening)
Since the OCaml module system can only express one equality per type component of a structure, both type equalities cannot be expressed, and the system
chooses the first signature, while the second is what is needed to satisfy the sharing constraint in functor F. Replacing FF(X) by FF(struct end)
renders the special case for applicative functors inapplicable and the problem goes away.

I agree this is an unfortunate side-effect of applicative functors, and there are other such side-effects (see PR 0004049 for instance). There are no easy fixes: removing app. funct. would break too much code, and making sure app. funct. never cause such information loss is basically an open problem that would certainly require a major rewrite of the module type-checker. So, chalk it on bad design if you want, but I'm afraid this is a "won't fix" situation.

 following two type equations hold concerning M.Y.t:
M.Y.t = FF(M.X).t because of applicative functors, and
M.Y.t = M.Y.t

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