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0003526OCaml~DO NOT USE (was: OCaml general)public2005-03-10 08:092016-12-07 14:35
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Summary0003526: wish: control of the floating point rounding mode
DescriptionFull_Name: Sebastian Egner
Version: Ocaml
OS: Linux/FreeBDS/Windows
Submission from: (

For implementing efficient interval arithmetics it is important to have control
of the rounding mode of floating point operations. While this could be done with
calls to a C-function, the overhead would be significant---and floating point
ops would become dependent on global state. Implementing the entire interval
arithmetics as an external module in C, and linking against it, is also not a
very attractive option as the Ocalm compiler cannot fully be deployed for

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duplicate of 0001743closed Wish: Controle du mode d'arrondi 

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Christophe Troestler (reporter)
2007-11-22 19:37

Merge with 0001743
thelema (reporter)
2007-11-26 23:09

Could the semantics of FP math in OCaml be further standardized so that each arch just needs some code to set the right flags and everyone gets the same behavior? This feature sounds like an excuse to build more incompatibilities between different architectures.
xleroy (administrator)
2007-12-02 09:43

> Could the semantics of FP math in OCaml be further standardized
> so that each arch just needs some code to set the right flags
> and everyone gets the same behavior?

This is exactly what we aim for, but actually all modern platforms that we know of set the FPU to the mode we want (no exceptions, round to nearest, etc).
The last know platform that needed additional code to get this mode was FreeBSD pre 2002. So, basically, if you have examples of modern platforms where the default floating-point mode isn't the "standard" one, please report it and we'll see what we can do.
shinwell (developer)
2016-12-07 14:34

I don't think OCaml is going to itself provide a means of changing the rounding mode for the reason that xleroy gives above. (It does however have the -no-float-const-prop option for code doing this in C stubs.) Since there has been no further feedback on this issue for nine years, I'm closing this issue.

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