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0003849OCamlotherlibspublic2005-11-08 15:152016-12-07 16:39
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Summary0003849: strftime/strptime and asctime
DescriptionFull_Name: Joshua Smith
Version: 3.09
OS: Linux
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I would like to have strftime/strptime and asctime added into the Unix module.
This functionality exists in non-standard modules but it would be nice to have a
more complete Unix module.

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administrator (administrator)
2005-11-16 17:18

see also PR#3851
newacct (reporter)
2011-08-10 08:35

Yeah even the C90 standard library has asctime() and ctime(); why doesn't OCaml? Although you can convert between time and struct tm types, there is no way to get any of those into a string to display in OCaml, which is really silly.
warwick (reporter)
2012-10-29 13:28

It'd be good to even have a basic time-to-string function such as asctime (though strftime/strptime would be ideal). These functions would be a handy addition to the Unix module.

Alternatively it could be good to add to the Printf module so that it can display floating point numbers (seconds since 1 Jan 1970) as date/times. This would be similar to Java, and quite useful:
%tY => year
%tm => month
%td => day
%tF => ISO 8601 date

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