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0003895OCaml~DO NOT USE (was: OCaml general)public2005-11-29 05:032005-11-29 13:35
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Product Version3.09.0 
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Summary0003895: configure has no option to specify temporary file handling
DescriptionBuilding on Sourceforge Compile Farm alpha machine I get this:

boot/ocamlyacc -v parsing/parser.mly
boot/ocamlyacc: f - cannot open "/tmp/yacc.aHiN7tb"

This would appear to be a result of attempting to create a temporary
file in a directory I do not have permission to write to:

skaller@usf-cf-alpha-linux-1:~/alpha/ocaml-3.09.0$ man whoami
man: can't create a temporary filename: Read-only file system

Whilst this may well be a misconfiguration of th host
leading to failure of some C function call to create a
temporary file, rather than an Ocaml build bug ..
I am still left unable to build the compiler on this box.

A 'configure' option to specify a directory in which to place
temporary files, plus use of this directory wherever required,
may fix this problem (although not if some external tool
called by Ocaml or the build process tries to write in /tmp ..
and there is no way to pass on the temporary directory name to it ;(

Additional InformationIf there is a workaround please let me know:
[other than creating a user space chroot .. ugg ..]

I couldn't find the 'obvious' solution .. an environment
variable controlling which directory should be used.

BTW: I rated this 'block' because it completely blocks me
from building the compiler, but it probably needs to be
dropped to 'not a bug' or 'feature-request' after assessment.

Any alternative would be for the configuration script
to check that the temporary file function actually works,
not just that it is present (if there is already a
workaround in the case it isn't available).

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related to 0004088closedertai le build de camlp4 ne respecte pas la variable TMPDIR 

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doligez (administrator)
2005-11-29 11:15

This has nothing to do with configure. The correct solution is to have an environment
variable, for example TMPDIR, which specifies where to put the temporary files. And
all tools should use it, not just the OCaml tools.

And this is what the OCaml standard library does: TMPDIR under Unix, TEMP under

Now we "only" need to check all the scripts, Makefiles, and auxiliary tools.
doligez (administrator)
2005-11-29 13:34

found two problems: in the debugger and labltk
fixed in 309 branch, tested under MacOSX with a non-writable /tmp

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