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0003986OCamlotherlibspublic2006-03-09 20:182012-08-02 08:51
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Summary0003986: Serialized bigarrays do not preserve sharing
DescriptionEven when marshalling functions are called with sharing of data allowed, bigarrays that share data due to "slice" and "sub" are not reconstructed in a semantically equivalent way. It's surely not that easy to efficiently implement extraction and reconstruction of the exact shared data ranges used by some bigarrays without including superfluous data. The "quick" solution of just including the whole initial data would, however, still be better than not have any sharing at all, which may lead to subtle bugs.

I have attached a file that demonstrates the problem. It prints "2 42 42 42" but should print "2 42 42 2".
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xleroy (administrator)
2012-08-02 08:51

Six years later, we still don't have any answer to this feature wish: preserving this sharing would require either major changes to the marshaller (so that custom marshallers have somehow access to the re-sharing machinery) or reimplementing Bigarrays so that proxies are represented by OCaml data structures. Plus, there would be a potential problem with a large bigarray being marshalled in full while all the user asked was to marshal a small subarray. I'm "suspending" this PR.

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