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0004074OCamlback end (clambda to assembly)public2006-08-03 16:242018-11-09 14:36
Assigned Tofrisch 
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Summary0004074: Patch for in-place compilation of structures
Description[edit: english translation]

The attached patch adds an "-inplace" option to ocamlopt. When the option is set, it uses for all structures the same compilation scheme as is currently done for global structures only. This reduce pressure on the register allocater when compiling big structures.

The patch is careful to adapt the inliner to the new way of filling structure fields.

The program generated by the following code:

  print_string "module F(X:sig val x : int end) = struct\n let x0 = X.x";;
  for i = 1 to 300 do Printf.printf " let x%i = %i * x%i\n" i i (i-1) done;;
  print_string "end";;

needs 15 seconds to compile with ocamlopt and 0.3s with option -inplace,
and the generated .o goes from 15044 bytes to 12740 bytes.


Le patch en pièce jointe ajoute une option "-inplace" à ocamlopt, dont l'effet
est d'utiliser le schéma de compilation des structures globales pour toutes les structures. Ça permet de réduire la pression sur l'allocateur de registres lorsque l'on compile de grosses structures.

Le patch prend soin d'adapter l'inliner pour qu'il comprenne la nouvelle manière de remplir les champs d'une structure.

Le programme produit par:

  print_string "module F(X:sig val x : int end) = struct\n let x0 = X.x";;
  for i = 1 to 300 do Printf.printf " let x%i = %i * x%i\n" i i (i-1) done;;
  print_string "end";;

prend 15s à compiler avec ocamlopt et 0.3s avec l'option -inplace,
et le .o passe de 15044 octets à 12740 octets.
Attached Files? file icon diff_inplace [^] (26,297 bytes) 2006-08-03 16:24 [Show Content]

- Relationships
related to 0005546closedfrisch moving a function into an internal module slows down its use 
related to 0005573closedfrisch Access to values in nested modules 
related to 0007630resolvedgasche FLambda particularly slow with large file consisting in top-level trivial aliases. 

-  Notes
frisch (developer)
2006-08-05 11:17
edited on: 2012-04-05 06:11

You have to remove the assertion (assert(a.(n) = Value_unknown) so that it still works without -inplace.

frisch (developer)
2006-08-08 19:15
edited on: 2012-04-05 06:12

For the record, the patch compiles for example in 7 seconds, against 21s without the patch. It is mostly the computation of the register interference graph which makes the difference.

frisch (developer)
2018-11-09 14:36

The linear-scan allocator would take care of such cases.

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