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0004255OCamlconfigure and build/installpublic2007-04-04 20:232013-08-31 12:46
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StatusclosedResolutionwon't fix 
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Product Version3.09.3 
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Summary0004255: Support for $DESTDIR on install
DescriptionIt would be much easier to make packages after a build if the makefiles would use $(DESTDIR), as most of the programs, when doing make install.

It would be really easy to implement it, just add $(DESTDIR) to every line where Makefile copies something to system directories. I started it but there are really lots of Makefiles in the source. :)

Information about $DESTDIR: [^]

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related to 0004225closedertai Staged installation of 3.10beta 

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doligez (administrator)
2007-04-04 23:42
edited on: 2007-04-04 23:43

I'm pretty sure this won't be necessary now that we have solved PR#4225

zumi (reporter)
2007-04-05 10:17
edited on: 2007-04-05 10:20

Well, that could be used for the same purpose at the moment, however if ocaml is trying to be similar to GNU programs in configuring and compiling, then PREFIX should be used another way.

See this link, the "prefix" section: [^]

For example, the configure script of gcc uses both $PREFIX and $DESTDIR and they have a certain function.

I still think that using $DESTDIR would be a good idea (and use $PREFIX as in the GNU Coding Standards). You (the developers) decide, I just like GNU-like configure and make scripts. :)

doligez (administrator)
2012-02-07 13:15

OCaml is not really trying to be similar to GNU programs. We would do this change if packagers ask for it, but at this time, there isn't any demand.

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