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0004342OCaml~DO NOT USE (was: OCaml general)public2007-07-14 13:062007-10-25 10:06
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Product Version3.10.0 
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Summary0004342: The constructor Ccheckbound expects 1 argument(s) in line 109
DescriptionHi, ive got the compile error ( see Additional information ) while compiling ocaml 3.10(tar archive) and 3.11(cvs trunk). 3.09 compiles without errors.

Platform: Arm liddel endian
System: Debian Sid (ARM LE)
Gcc: 4:4.1.1-15
Glibc: 2.6-1
Additional Informationln -s arm/ asmcomp/
boot/ocamlrun boot/ocamlc -nostdlib -I boot -warn-error A -I utils -I parsing -I typing -I bytecomp -I asmcomp -I driver -I toplevel -c asmcomp/selection.mli
boot/ocamlrun boot/ocamlc -nostdlib -I boot -warn-error A -I utils -I parsing -I typing -I bytecomp -I asmcomp -I driver -I toplevel -c asmcomp/
File "asmcomp/", line 109, characters 4-15:
The constructor Ccheckbound expects 1 argument(s),
but is here applied to 0 argument(s)
make: *** [asmcomp/selection.cmo] Error 2
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lanwin (reporter)
2007-07-21 22:21

This only happed in make opt. make world build without any problem.
lanwin (reporter)
2007-07-24 19:09

Christoph Bauer helped me to solve this issue.

After simply replace `Ccheckbound' by `Ccheckbound _' in asmcomp/ line 109 make world.opt compiles without errors.

I dont know why this happen only on arm systems, but if you what to test something i am here to test it :-)
xleroy (administrator)
2007-10-25 10:06

Fixed in 3.10 branch. The ARM port now compiles fine on Debian 4.

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