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0000448OCaml-for CamlIDL use 20:332001-07-30 16:46
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Summary0000448: camlidl: unique attrubute is ignored for bigarray pointers
DescriptionFull_Name: Dmitry Bely
Version: camlidl current cvs
OS: Windows NT 4.0

The following IDL definition

typedef struct {
  int imageLen;
  [size_is(len),unique,bigarray] char *imageData;
} Image;


type struct_1 = (char, Bigarray.int8_unsigned_elt, Bigarray.c_layout) Bigarray.Array1.t
and image = struct_1

i.e. silently ignores "unique" attribute without warning/error
message. IMHO that's not good. I'd like it to produce

type struct_1 = (char, Bigarray.int8_unsigned_elt, Bigarray.c_layout) Bigarray.Array1.t option
and someData = struct_1

as well as

typedef struct {
  int imageLen;
  [size_is(len),unique] char *imageData;
} Image


type struct_1 = char array option
and image = struct_1

Why I need it:
There is a library that uses similar structure as an image
descriptor. "imageData" is allocated/deallocated by special library
functions, and is linked with some internal data, so "bigarray" is the only
option to access/modify it from caml "in place". The problem is that
allocation process is done in two stages:

Image img;
AllocHeader( &img, .... );
        /* fill other fields in the structure; imageData == NULL on return */
AllocData( &img );
        /* allocate memory for image depending on the header; */
        /* imageData != NULL, imageLen > 0 on return */

Unfortunately that "NULL bigarray pointer" cannot be adequately described
in caml IDL, until "unique" attribute is supported for bigarray
pointers. Even worse, if we now have NULL pointer to bigarray data passed
to caml, its runtime will silently create stat_alloc'ed 1-element array
itself. C-library will be quite surprised then ...

Hope to hear from you soon,


I feel that such my messages are too much for caml-bugs :-) Maybe it's the
topic for caml mailing list? The only problem is that very few its
subscribers (if any) use camlidl ...

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administrator (administrator)
2001-07-30 16:46

Added support for [unique] bigarrays. XL, 2001-07-30

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