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0004497OCamlOCaml generalpublic2008-02-04 09:552010-04-29 14:25
Assigned Togarrigue 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version3.10.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.10.1 
Summary0004497: exception declaration of unclosed polymorphic variant type are not rejected by the typechecker.
DescriptionThe type checker accepts exception definitions like:

exception PolVar of [>]

which can be used to redefine Obj.magic like functions:

let mag i = try
  raise (PolVar (`R i))
with PolVar (`R i) -> i

leading to potential segFaults:

let () = print_string (mag 0)
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garrigue (manager)
2008-02-04 10:11

I cannot reproduce here with 3.10.1.
Are you sure about the version?
This bug was fixed a long time ago (it is already corrected in 3.09.3)

Note that there is a similar bug with objects in 3.10.1, but is already
fixed in CVS too.
till (reporter)
2008-02-04 10:53
edited on: 2008-02-04 10:54

My ocaml version is:
3.10.1+dev0 (2007-05-21)

After trying is out a little more thoroughly (which I should have done before submitting the bug) it turns out that, if I do not provide the mli file I get:

The implementation
does not match the interface (inferred signature):
Exception declarations do not match:
  exception PolVar of [> ]
is not included in
  exception PolVar of [> ]

This compilation error can be subverted using a blank interface.

So currently the attached file will segfault ocaml but not compile. Providing an empty interface will get it to compile.


garrigue (manager)
2008-02-04 14:28

Already fixed in 3.10.1.
This was originally reported by Zheng Li on the caml-list (2007-11-09).

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