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0004563OCaml~DO NOT USE (was: OCaml general)public2008-06-05 15:492008-09-10 14:53
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Product Version3.10.2 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.11+dev 
Summary0004563: ocamldumpobj misreports address operands of CLOSUREREC instructions
DescriptionCompiling a file with the definitions:

  let rec even x = if x == 0 then true else odd (x-1)
      and odd x = if x == 0 then false else even (x-1)

and then running ocamldumpobj on the resulting object file yields
output containing the instruction:

      28 CLOSUREREC 0, 4294967298, 4294967311

which seems incorrect. From examining interp.c, CLOSUREREC seems to
take a count of variables and a number of function bytecode addresses,
and is outputting the operands in that order, but it's also
erroneously adding 2^32 to the addresses. E.g., the above line should
probably read:

      28 CLOSUREREC 0, 2, 15

Additional InformationThis is on Debian GNU/Linux, unstable variant, AMD64 architecture,
with OCaml 3.10.2, Debian OCaml package version 3.10.2-3. A glance at
tools/ seems to indicate that what's happening is that the
offset is being treated as unsigned (comment mine for annotation):

        print_int nvars;
        for i = 0 to nfuncs - 1 do
          print_string ", ";
          print_int (orig + inputu ic); (* <-- unsigned offset *)

This probably works on 32-bit machines because the Caml integers wrap
around properly in that case anyway, but on a 64-bit architecture,
there's more range in a Caml int and so treating the 32-bit offset as
an unsigned int rather than a signed one causes errors in bits 32 and
above in the result.
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2008-06-05 15:49 premchai21 New Issue
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2008-09-10 14:53 doligez Resolution open => fixed
2008-09-10 14:53 doligez Fixed in Version => 3.11+dev
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