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0004740OCaml~DO NOT USE (was: OCaml general)public2009-03-08 09:172012-02-23 15:58
Assigned Toxleroy 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version3.10.2 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.11.1+dev 
Summary0004740: Int32.rem floating point exception
Description(Int32.rem Int32.min_int Int32.minus_one) gives a machine generated floating point exception, and exits the toplevel interpretor.
The expression should return

My machine is a 32 bit x86.
This bug occurs in version 3.10.2 bytecode and native.
It also occurs in version 3.10.0 bytecode, and I did not try native.

Here's an example:
% ocaml
        Objective Caml version 3.10.2

# open Int32;;
# rem min_int minus_one;;
zsh: floating point exception ocaml

I couldn't find any other bad Int32.rem cases.
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related to 0005513closedxleroy Int64.div causes floating point exception 

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delorimier (reporter)
2009-03-08 21:52

I also get the same error with Int32.div
xleroy (administrator)
2009-03-28 19:44

Let's start with division first, since this is where the real problem lies. Dividing min_int by (-1) gives a result (- min_int) which is not representable in two's complement. Some processors (x86) raise a hardware exception in this case, other return min_int, yet others produce unspecified results.

Concerning remainder, min_int rem (-1) is perfectly representable since it is 0, but processors like x86 have only one instruction that computes the quotient and the remainder, so the same problems as with division occur.

I agree this undefined behavior in OCaml is not nice, therefore I implemented a fix whereas Int32.div Int32.min_int Int32.minus_one = Int32.min_int and Int32.rem Int32.min_int Int32.minus_one = (Likewise for Int64 and Nativeint.) This behavior is consistent with that of "/" and "mod" at type int.

The fix is in the 3.11 bugfix branch and will be in release 3.11.1.

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