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0004791OCamltypingpublic2009-05-15 12:212018-06-26 22:24
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Product Version3.10.2 
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Summary0004791: ocamlc -i produces incorrect result
Description> cat

(* begin of *)
type t = A
module B =
  type t = B
  let f A = B
(* end of *)

> ocamlc -i

type t = A
module B : sig type t = B val f : t -> t end

The type of f is incorrect, it should be something like "val f : A.t -> B.t" except that there seems to be no way of actually writing a correct signature for module B (both A.t and B.t are unbound at this stage).

On the other hand, other definitions using f seem to be typed correctly.

I may admit that there is no way to solve this problem, but ocamlc -i should report an error instead of producing an incorrect result.

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-  Notes
garrigue (manager)
2012-06-01 09:42

Scoping of types in signatures is unfortunately a problem with no easy solution.
This is just one of its instances.

Note that unification errors involving several types with the same name result in printing internal ids to distinguish them.
doligez (administrator)
2014-07-31 16:16

FTR, there is one radical solution to this problem: refuse any value whose type cannot be expressed in the current scope. In this example, ocamlc would refuse to compile, with or without option -i.
garrigue (manager)
2017-03-14 04:15

No good general solution as there could be very strange scoping situations, one just has to fix the signature by hand when possible.
octachron (developer)
2017-03-23 18:17

If printing the correct signature in the general case does seem quite complex, I think that adding a warning for unprintable signature might be worthwhile, see [^] for a possible implementation.
octachron (developer)
2018-06-26 22:24

With the PR above merged, `ocamlc -i` produces a warning:

Warning 63: The printed interface differs from the inferred interface.
The inferred interface contained items which could not be printed
properly due to name collisions between identifiers.
File "", line 5, characters 2-12:
  Definition of type t/1
File "", line 1, characters 0-10:
  Definition of type t/2
Beware that this warning is purely informational and will not catch
all instances of erroneous printed interface.
type t = A
module B : sig type t = B val f : t/2 -> t/1 end

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