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0004831OCamlOCaml documentationpublic2009-06-30 09:462012-07-16 14:41
ReporterJulien Signoles 
Assigned Toguesdon 
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.12.0+dev 
Summary0004831: Use the tag @since provided by ocamldoc
DescriptionIt would be great if the documentation of the ocaml stdlib uses the ocamldoc tag @since in order to know when an element was introduced. Without this information, it is very hard for a library provider to preserve the compatibility with an old ocaml version: remember yourself when any recent feature was introduced is quite impossible.
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Julien Signoles (reporter)
2010-04-22 13:52

In the same way an ocamldoc tag "@modify text" indicating the version number which introduces a backward incompatiblity for an API function would be great.

For instance:
val int_of_string:
(** Convert the given string to an integer.
   The string is read in decimal (by default) or in hexadecimal (if it
   begins with [0x] or [0X]), octal (if it begins with [0o] or [0O]),
   or binary (if it begins with [0b] or [0B]).
   Raise [Failure "int_of_string"] if the given string is not
   a valid representation of an integer, or if the integer represented
   exceeds the range of integers representable in type [int].
    @modify 3.12.0
    @modify 3.08.0 *)
doligez (administrator)
2010-05-21 14:08

I think @changed would be better than @modify.
guesdon (manager)
2010-05-21 17:41

I think additional info should be provided about the change, for example
  Convert ....
  @changed 3.12.0 Invalid_argument instead of Failure was raised before.
  @changed 3.08.0 No exception was raised before.

Well, shouldn't this tag be @before instead of @changed ? :
  Convert ....
  @before 3.12.0 Invalid_argument instead of Failure was raised.
  @before 3.08.0 No exception was raised.
In my opinion, it seems easier to read (and to write).
Julien Signoles (reporter)
2010-05-21 17:45

I agree with your proposal.
doligez (administrator)
2010-05-21 20:31
edited on: 2010-05-21 20:32

I have annotated the standard library. Anything that is not marked is unchanged since 3.08.0 or before.

Leaving this PR open for the @before tag to be implemented in ocamldoc.

guesdon (manager)
2010-05-31 13:53

Handling of @before tags in ocamldoc is implemented in revision 10480.

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