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0005061OCamltypingpublic2010-05-27 16:542017-08-06 22:08
Assigned Tooctachron 
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Summary0005061: mutiple value components in signatures should produce a warning or an error
Descriptionmodule type S = sig
  val x : int
  val x : int

as well as

module type S = sig
  val x : int
  val x : bool

is accepted and keeps the last value component since 3.12.
It should produce a warning or an error.

The same remark applies with inclusion of signatures.
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- Relationships
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related to 0005037closed 3.12.0+dev18: "module type of" produces unusable signatures for repeated definitions 

-  Notes
montagu (reporter)
2010-05-27 16:55

Related to PR#5037
garrigue (manager)
2010-05-28 05:33

Both of those behaviours are intended.
I.e., if you write
  let x = 1
  let x = "hello"
this is perfectly valid ocaml, and the visible result is a value x of type string (the first definition gets hidden).
The same behaviour is now available for signatures.
I'm not sure what kind of error a warning would help catch.
Julien Signoles (reporter)
2010-05-28 09:48

I fully disagree with this feature wish.

Dear ocaml developers, please keep the current behavior (keeping the last declaration): do not warn nor fail since it will break many existing codes which intensively override signatures using "include <module type>".
montagu (reporter)
2010-05-28 11:09

I suggest this warning should be configurable by a command-line flag and switched off by default.
octachron (developer)
2017-08-06 22:08

The interest of this feature request seems tenuous, it goes against a behavior in action for more than five years, and the purpose of this feature is still unclear. I am therefore suspending this issue, waiting for an explanation of the intended purpose of the proposed warning.

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