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0005259OCamlotherlibspublic2011-04-28 13:282016-12-07 17:02
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PlatformallOSallOS Versionall
Product Version3.12.0 
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Summary0005259: Support for extended regular expressions
DescriptionThe idea is to have a new function Str.eregexp that parses the "extended" syntax. The main difference so far looks tiny, but has a lot of impact on the readability of code. Essentially, ( ) | no longer need a backslash. The reference standard here are POSIX extended regular expressions. It also defines the {bound} construct.

The extended syntax is nowadays used in most other programming languages. It feels like stepping back when using ocaml.

When introducing this, it might also be a good idea to define/reserve a generic way for extending the syntax later, e.g. for additional assertions and non-capturing groups, as suggested by other bug reporters. Using more backslash sequences does not look very elegant. More readable seems to be:

- Character classes like [[:name:]]
- Group with modifiers: (?switches:regexp), e.g.
  (?i:regexp) for a case-insensitive non-capturing group
- Named option or assertion (*NAME)
Additional InformationOne would also need Str.equote.

A good reference comparing regexp flavors by syntax: [^]
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