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0005292OCaml~DO NOT USE (was: OCaml general)public2011-06-17 08:542012-09-25 20:10
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StatusclosedResolutionunable to reproduce 
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Product Version3.11.2 
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Summary0005292: Hashtbl.mem does not work with very complex keys

we have following data structure:

(** boundingbox, (x0,y0) means left down, (x1,y1) right upper edge *)
type bbox_t = { x0 : int; y0 : int; x1 : int; y1 : int; }
type layer_t =
    Background of (color_t*int)
  | Foreground of color_t
  | Garbage of color_t
  | Unsegmented
type segm_t = {
  s_layer: layer_t; (* layer of segment and it's color *)
  s_bboxes: bbox_t list; (** pieces of segment, pair of kind of separation and bbox *)
  s_frame: bbox_t;

(** segment, means a contigous area in a picture *)
type segment_t = Segment of segm_t

If we use segment_t as key in Hashtbl filling it via Hashtbl.replace, and try to find out if some segment_t's are member of that hash, the function Hashtbl.mem does not find that members.

But if we stringify the segment_t's the Hashtbl does work fine. The problem is hard to reproduce, because the error only occurs, if the bbox_t part is very large (5000-10000 entries).
Additional InformationWe are using Ocaml 3.11.2 because it is Debian Squeeze standard installation. If the error is fixed, it will be helpful to contact the debian maintainer to fix that, too.

Thanks for your help.
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xclerc (reporter)
2011-06-20 09:10

I am afraid this is a known issue; you should take a look at the documentation
for "hash_param" on [^]
You should be able to overcome your problem by building a hash function with higher
values for "m" and "n". Notice that it would imply to switch to the functorial version, if
not already the case.
xleroy (administrator)
2011-06-20 18:59

I'd lvoe to have a repro case, even if it's big. xclerc is right that the default hash function performs poorly on long lists of bbox_t, but Hashtbl.replace and Hashtbl.mem should still work correctly, albeit slowly. So, we could have a real bug here, and the best way for us to find out is to be able to reproduce it.
xleroy (administrator)
2011-12-21 12:01

We are still unable to reproduce the issue, so I move to close it unless a repro case is provided.

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