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0005312OCaml~DO NOT USE (was: OCaml general)public2011-07-09 14:502016-12-07 11:49
ReporterDmitry Grebeniuk 
Assigned Togasche 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version3.12.1+dev 
Target Version4.00.0+devFixed in Version 
Summary0005312: windows, @responsefile and warnings-as-errors
DescriptionI have software that uses new syntax of ocamlc command
line, "-w @a" (enable all warnings and treat them as
errors), but function "expand_argument" in
"byterun/win32.c" tries to expand "@a" as a filename:

> ocaml -w @a
Cannot open file a

As the @responsefile functionality is not widely used
anymore, I have fixed it locally and have not
experienced any trouble. I don't know whether
this solution is acceptable.
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related to 0006864assigneddoligez linking with flexlink fails when passing arguments by response file 

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lefessan (developer)
2012-03-26 16:12

Gabriel, we agreed that it is time to remove responsefile from the runtime. Could you do it ?
doligez (administrator)
2012-07-10 14:01

For the record, you can work around the problem by adding something before the @:

  ocamlc -w a@a
gasche (developer)
2012-07-10 14:05

The feature has now been removed.

This means that OCaml programs will not expand command-line arguments beginning with a "@" as responsefiles on Windows anymore, but instead pass them directly to the program (in Sys.argv as usual). All OCaml programs compiled under Windows are affected.

This is a change of behavior, but a community poll on the mailing-list indicated that basically no one was aware of this feature. Removing it will therefore protect users from a few surprises if they try, as the OCaml compiler authors, to use "@..." as a valid syntax for specific command-line parameters...

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