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0005532OCamlruntime system and C interfacepublic2012-03-09 21:292015-12-11 19:04
Assigned Tomeyer 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version3.12.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005532: ocamlrun requires a period in the filename, else it produces a misleading error message
Descriptionocamlrun refuses to run bytecode files with no period in the filename. Instead, it prints "Fatal error: the file <filename> is not a bytecode executable file", which is not necessarily true.
Steps To Reproduceedmcman@joethecat:~/ocaml-3.12.0$ ocamlc -o test
edmcman@joethecat:~/ocaml-3.12.0$ ocamlrun test
Fatal error: the file test is not a bytecode executable file
edmcman@joethecat:~/ocaml-3.12.0$ mv test test.
edmcman@joethecat:~/ocaml-3.12.0$ ocamlrun test.
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meyer (developer)
2012-03-10 01:48


It's not about period in the filename. Your file name seems to be a legitimate non-ocaml bytecode file found on path. It clashes on my machine with Linux /usr/bin/test. If you try ocamlrun ./test it will work.

It's documented under: [^]

I'm closing this PR, since it's not a bug.
meyer (developer)
2012-03-10 01:50

In fact, the improvement would to print out the full path to a file in the error message. I think this possibility is worth investigating.
meyer (developer)
2012-03-10 02:57

Error message improved in r12215.
edmcman (reporter)
2012-03-10 15:29

Thanks, I think improving the error message is a good way to prevent such confusion!

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