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0005576OCamlstandard librarypublic2012-04-06 12:532013-08-31 12:49
Assigned Toweis 
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Product Version3.12.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005576: Missing continuation-passing no-op formatter in Printf
DescriptionAlthough there is a continuation-passing no-op formatting function available as Format.ikfprintf, a corresponding function in Printf seems to be missing. Here is an implementation:

val kiprintf : (unit -> 'a) -> ('b, unit, unit, 'a) format4 -> 'b

let kiprintf k = kapr (fun _ _ -> Obj.magic (k ()))

(Also, I think that the name Printf.ifprintf should be deprecated and renamed to Printf.iprintf since it does not take an out_channel as a parameter.)
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doligez (administrator)
2012-04-10 16:26

What is the use-case for this function?

You can get a good approximation with:

  let kiprintf k fmt = ksprintf (fun _ -> k ()) fmt;;

It allocates a useless string, but for debugging purposes that's not a big deal.
weis (developer)
2012-04-11 19:40

Granted: ikfprintf was not implemented in module Printf. As in Format, a partial applicatio of ikfprintf would be useful to implement ifprintf, and could be useful to the user as well. Implemented in the current sources for version 4.0 of the compiler.
weis (developer)
2012-04-11 19:46

Printf.ifprintf is not at all deprecated. It is the corresponding ``ignoring function'' for fprintf. In fact, it can take an out_channel as parameter (otherwise it would not be compatible with fprintf). You may have been fooled by the polymorphic type scheme of ifprintf: indeed the type-checker detected that ifprintf is ignoring its channel argument and then assign a polymorphic 'a to this argument; but indeed this 'a could be instanciated to out_channel. Indeed, typical use-case for ifprintf is

let debug fmt =
  if <some condition>
  then fprintf stderr fmt
  else ifprintf stderr fmt

You may read the i in ifprintf as (i)gnoring or (i)f ...
weis (developer)
2012-04-11 19:54

Damien gave you a short (and free of Obj.magic) definition for your kiprintf function. Then he asked for a typical use-case. I would ask for an english explanation of what this function is supposed to do ? I feel it strange to get as argument a continuation with type unit -> 'a.

If indeed you where thinking of a Printf equivalent of Format.ikfprintf, then the typical use-case is the same as for ifprintf, adding continuation in the picture:

let kdebug k fmt =
  if <some condition>
  then kfprintf k stderr fmt
  else ikfprintf k stderr fmt
weis (developer)
2012-04-11 20:28

Printf.ifprintf defined as partial evaluation of ikfprintf.

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