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0005607OCamlOCaml documentationpublic2012-05-06 12:572016-12-09 08:40
Assigned Togasche 
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Target Version4.03.1+devFixed in Version 
Summary0005607: FAQ suggestion: explain the interaction between (relaxed) value restriction and variance annotations
DescriptionUsers, even familiar with the language, mostly do not not about variance annotations, and in particular their interaction with the relaxed value restriction. The problem they observe is that expressions at an abstract type representing a polymorphic data structure do not get generalized as expected.

I think that would be a good addition in the FAQ, in the spirit of "A function obtained through partial application is not polymorphic enough".
Additional InformationThis problem has been discussed twice recently:
- on the caml-list [^]

- on reddit: [^]

My reddit message might be a good basis for a FAQ answer; I hope to receive additional feedback on which wording would be best.
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octachron (developer)
2015-07-21 16:31

On this matter, I think that the relaxed value restriction and weakly polymorphic type should absolutely be described in the reference manual. It makes very little sense that the manual currently does not even mention the value restriction.
gasche (developer)
2015-07-21 16:46

I agree, and would be delighted to give feedback to and eventually merge a pull request: [^]
doligez (administrator)
2016-04-14 16:44

The manual is now in the manual/ subdirectory of [^]

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