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0005650OCamlfor Camlp4 use 16:382015-12-11 19:21
Assigned Tohongboz 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version3.12.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005650: Camlp4FoldGenerator doesn't handle well "abstract" types
DescriptionWhen using Camlp4FoldGenerator to create a map or fold class for a type t, you can't have not basic types without representation, for instance Num.num type.
A simple way to solve it would be for example to generate virtual method for such type and let the user have an abstract class i.e. accept

class virtual map = Camlp4MapGenerator.generated;;

(Until OCaml 4.00beta2 only the following form is accepted, without the virtual keyword)

class map = Camlp4MapGenerator.generated;;
Steps To Reproducetype t = A of in_channel

class map = Camlp4MapGenerator.generated;;

File "ghost-location", line 1, characters 0-0:
Warning 17: the virtual method in_channel is not declared.
File "ghost-location", line 1, characters 0-0:
Error: This class should be virtual.
       The following methods are undefined : in_channel
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hongboz (developer)
2012-06-18 14:42

Hi, if you are patient, I wrote a code generation frame work FAN, which is more functional and general purpose. [^]
hongboz (developer)
2013-08-05 05:25

Fixed in version 13973. Currently it would emit a warning for undeclared method name, which could be improved when I have time.

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