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0005663OCamlOCaml typingpublic2012-06-26 16:282016-08-01 19:18
Assigned Togarrigue 
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Target Version4.02.3+devFixed in Version4.03.0+dev / +beta1 
Summary0005663: program (mistakenly?) rejected due to nongeneralizable type variable that appears nowhere
DescriptionThe program below is rejected by the type checker.

  module F (M : sig
     type 'a v = string
     include sig
        type 'a t
        type 'a u
        val f : unit -> _ t
        val g : 'a t -> 'a u -> unit
     end with type 'a u := 'a v
  end) = struct
     open M

     let t = (f () (*: unit v t*)) (* uncomment here to make it type check *)
     let () = g t "foo"

The error message is:

  Error: The type of this module,
           (M : sig
                  type 'a v = string
                  type 'a t
                  val f : unit -> 'a t
                  val g : 'a t -> 'a v -> unit
                end) ->
           sig val t : '_a M.t end,
         contains type variables that cannot be generalized

I think this program should be accepted. The type variable that OCaml
is complaining about is unused, if one expands out the types.
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garrigue (manager)
2012-06-26 16:59

I'm not sure I understand your point here.
It seems that M.t is abstract in this program, so you cannot expand it.
So the type variable is really there, even if you didn't name it.
Writing "type +'a t" would probably solve the problem, if this is acceptable.
sweeks (reporter)
2012-07-24 20:47

Sorry, my example had a mistake. Here is a much simpler example:

  module F (M : sig
    type 'a t
    type 'a u = string
    val f : unit -> _ u t
  end) = struct
    let t = M.f ()

This causes the following error message:

  Error: The type of this module,
         (M : sig type 'a t type 'a u = string val f : unit -> 'a u t end) ->
         sig val t : '_a M.u M.t end,
       contains type variables that cannot be generalized

The type variable that OCaml is complaining about, ['_a], is in the
expression ['_a M.u], which OCaml knows is equivalent to [string]. I
don't see why OCaml should be complaining about ['_a], since it need
not appear in the type of [t], which has type [string M.t].

Adding a type constraint to [t] of the form [string M.t] isn't
sufficient to make the error go away. However, adding a type
constraint [unit M.u M.t] does make the error go away.
yallop (developer)
2014-08-18 23:41

With -short-paths the type variable doesn't even appear in the error message:

$ ocamlc -short-paths
File "", line 1, characters 9-109:
Error: The type of this module,
         (M : sig type 'a t type 'a u = bytes val f : unit -> bytes t end) ->
         sig val t : bytes M.t end,
       contains type variables that cannot be generalized
garrigue (manager)
2015-04-21 09:10

Added a patch which expands constructors while checking for non-generalizable variables.
This is disabled during class definitions, as it broke typing-poly/
garrigue (manager)
2015-04-22 09:17

Fixed in trunk, at revision 16030, by expanding type abbreviations while checking for nongeneralizable type variables.
Note that we only do it for compilation units.
For classes, this is not done, because typing-poly/ would fail.
lpw25 (developer)
2016-08-01 19:18

This change seems to cause 0007305

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