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0005786OCamlfor Camlp4 use 02:342013-07-28 12:12
Assigned Tohongboz 
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Summary0005786: Camlp4 FoldGenerator does not generate visitors for paramatric types
type t =
    A of a item
  | B of b item
and 'a item = Item of 'a
and a = string
and b = int

Will fail to generate the visitors with cryptic message similar to:

File "ghost-location", line 1, characters 0-0:
Warning 17: the virtual method unit is not declared.
File "ghost-location", line 1, characters 0-0:
Error: This class should be virtual.
       The following methods are undefined : unit

Additional InformationIn order to generate the visitors Camlp4 would need to have type reflection. Simple work-around would be good enough in most cases.
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hongboz (developer)
2012-10-12 02:43

this should be considered as a feature request, since the foldgenerator was quite ad-hoc, and was just used for bootstrapping purpose, it can only handle basic ADT, types like record type, polymorphic variants are not handled well
meyer (developer)
2012-10-12 02:53

indeed it's a feature request. I don't neglect how much work is that, and how useful to me is foldgenerator even in current state.

I suppose we want something more robust then.

I propose the Necula visitors to be close to ideal, implemented in the same way as excellent "deriving" syntax extension.
meyer (developer)
2012-10-12 02:54

I'm open to help if it's needed
hongboz (developer)
2013-07-28 02:59

hi, meyer, I can not reproduce your case in current trunk?

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