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0005890OCamlcompiler driverpublic2013-01-14 16:322017-06-29 12:15
Assigned Toshindere 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version3.12.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005890: ocamlc does not fully take into consideration -o parameter
DescriptionWhen one tries to build an Ocaml library directly from multiple ml-files this way:

  ocamlc -a -o library.cma

things work fine. Essential *.cmi and *.cmo files are created in the same place as library.cma target.

However, when one tries to specify non-current output directory:

  ocamlc -a -o /tmp/library.cma

then *.cmo and *.cmi files are created in the current directory and only library.cma file is created in the designated /tmp directory.

While the manual page does not explicitly make any promises in this regard, the current behavior is surprising. It does not seem probably that user would want object files to be generated in one directory and resulting library in a different directory.
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related to 0006191assignedshindere Missing argument for ocamldep to tell it where output binaries will be placed 
has duplicate 0007573acknowledged Direct selection of output directory (or file names) for OCaml compiler 
related to 0006475resolvedwhitequark -o is ignored for C files 

-  Notes
kosik (reporter)
2013-01-14 16:34

ocamlopt has a similar (surprising) property
doligez (administrator)
2013-06-28 18:19

I personally don't find this surprising at all, but this is related to a feature wish I seem to remember, for a "-odir" option to specify in what directory to put the generated files that are not specified with -o and thus have an implicit file name.
doligez (administrator)
2016-03-23 14:45

This PR suggests putting auxiliary files in the same directory as the -o file.
That may fail if we have write access to the -o file but not its directory, so this would be a slightly dangerous change.

The -odir option seems safer and easier to use.

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