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0006133OCamlruntime system and C interfacepublic2013-08-20 15:282017-12-20 21:24
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Product Version4.00.1 
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Summary0006133: Wish: make max size of custom space runtime-configurable
DescriptionSetting the used and max parameters of caml_alloc_custom is always a problem. If you try to use values other than 0, there is always the risk that the GC is running way too often, reducing the runtime speed heavily. For used=0, RAM gets sometimes out of control. (After writing quite a number of C bindings, my experience is that it is never correct.)

IMO, a better way to control this is to only pass "used" to caml_alloc_custom, and let the user set a limit for max at runtime (i.e. for the sum of all used bytes). This makes it easier to fine-tune the setting for a concrete workload. Also, we can provide other types of limits than just an absolute maximum. E.g. the maximum could be specified as a factor of the ocaml heap. Also, the user could control parameters in self-written code (e.g. read it from a config file, or even develop an own policy that is controlled from GC timers).

The suggestion is to provide

caml_alloc_custom2(ops, size, used)

and to let the user control this with new functions in the Gc module:

type custom_ctrl =
  { custom_abs_max : int; (* absolute maximum in bytes; 0=disable *)
    custom_rel_max : float; (* number 0-1: relative maximum; 0=disable *)

val get_custom_ctrl : unit -> custom_ctrl
val set_custom_ctrl : custom_ctrl -> unit

val incr_custom_space : int -> unit
  (* To be used at initialization time of bindings: This number is added
     to the current absolute maximum

val get_custom_sum : unit -> int
  (* Get the current sum of [used], as figured out in the last major

val get_custom_rate : unit -> int
  (* The sum of all custom allocations in the last major cycle. Intended
     for custom policies that are controlled by GC timers
Additional Informationrelated: 0004868

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gerd (reporter)
2013-08-20 15:52

The old caml_alloc_custom could still be supported: Either by having two limits in effect, or by reinterpreting used and max relative to the current effective maximum, e.g.

let caml_alloc_custom used max =
  caml_alloc_custom2 ~used:(used / max * eff_maximum)

where eff_maximum is the lower limit imposed by custom_abs_max and custom_rel_max at the time of calling.
ygrek (reporter)
2017-12-20 21:24

I imagined that such limit should be per-resource type, because they are written by diferent authors who will use different units for `used`, also sometimes the important resource is not memory but some limited system resource, so they cannot have common denominator.

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