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0006272OCamlOCamlbuild (the tool)public2013-12-16 14:082015-12-11 19:25
Assigned Toxclerc 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version4.02.0+dev 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0006272: Error: Unbound module Myocamlbuild_config with r14353
DescriptionUsing the following last change:
RĂ©vision: 14353
Un-bootstrapping of ocamlbuild, clean-up phase:
- removed boot/myocamlbuild.boot, _tags,, etc
- removed shell scripts in build/, now unused
- revised configuration and build of tools/ocamlmklib.

I get this error:
../boot/ocamlrun ../boot/ocamlc -strict-sequence -nostdlib -I ../boot -c -w +32..39 -warn-error A -I ../utils -I ../parsing -I ../typing -I ../bytecomp -I ../asmcomp -I ../driver -I ../toplevel
../boot/ocamlrun ../boot/ocamlc -strict-sequence -nostdlib -I ../boot -c -w +32..39 -warn-error A -I ../utils -I ../parsing -I ../typing -I ../bytecomp -I ../asmcomp -I ../driver -I ../toplevel
File "", line 15, characters 0-24:
Error: Unbound module Myocamlbuild_config
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xclerc (reporter)
2013-12-16 15:35

Should be fixed by revision 14359 in branch '4.01'.
xleroy (administrator)
2013-12-16 16:17

Sylvain, you may have a file tools/ left over from a previous build. It used to be generated, but since r14353 is now a source file. Make sure to erase any leftover tools/ you may have before svn update.
gildor (developer)
2013-12-16 16:30

You should know that I am not running this on my own: [^]

So I am running:
svn update
make clean
make world
make world.opt
xleroy (administrator)
2013-12-16 16:47

The workflow you describe causes svn update to fail on the leftover tools/, just like I mentioned. Do clean up manually, or start with a fresh checkout.
gildor (developer)
2013-12-17 10:26

I have changed my workflow to revert uncommited files (i.e. simulate a checkout). It compiles fine and should avoid future error.

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